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See The World With A Fresh Look

Do you want a brand new look for your eyes? Then let's talk about FreshLook®, a line offering a large range of color contact lenses, so you can slightly intensify or noticeably change your eye color.

This great range of lenses boasts such an extensive amount of options, that you're sure to leave with what you're looking for. It doesn't matter if your eyes are light, dark or something in between, FreshLook® contacts are able to change your eye color, to provide a new, captivating and most of all, natural look. Each product in the range comes in two week or daily disposable choices.

When selecting a color contact lens for your eyes, base your choice on the natural color of your eyes, hair and skin, and the sort of change you would like for yourself. Then, if you want to check out various color options to see how these contacts will look, you can virtually ''try on'' many different color contact lenses by visiting the FreshLook® website and simply uploading a snapshot of yourself, before visiting your eye care professional.

Color contacts can be used as prescription lenses or simply to enhance your eye color, they need to be fitted by a registered optometrist, so make sure to visit us to look into your FreshLook® options.