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LipiFlow ™ Dry Eye Treatment

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What is LipiFlow?

How Does LipiFlow Treat Dry Eyes?

85% of Dry Eye Syndrome is due to Meibomian Gland Disorder (MGD), whereby the glands essential for producing the lubricating oils for our eyes are blocked, clogged, dirty, infected, or atrophying.

Dry Eye or MGD?

It’s time to change your outlook on dry eye.

There are approximately 30 million individuals living in the United States and more than 300 million worldwide who have been diagnosed with dry eye. People suffering from dry eye are generally offered eye drops or other treatment techniques that only offer temporary symptom relief. Only recently have doctors understood that the underlying problem of most dry eyes (86%) is an interminable and dynamic condition, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD.

MGD happens when the meibomian glands in the eyelids that create the defensive slick layer of the tear film become blocked. These organs can become blocked over time and, then they can no longer create the necessary oils required for solid tears. This blockage brings about fast dissipation of your tears and leads to irritation, discomfort, and if not treated, gland dropout.

How is MGD Diagnosed?

Your eye doctor will perform several tests to determine if you have MGD. These tests may include a LipiView® tear film and gland imaging test, and a meibomian gland evaluation. Once your doctor understands what is causing your Dry Eye, he or she will be able to determine the best treatment option. mgd lipiflow

Now, with the breakthrough LipiFlow® technology, it’s possible to directly treat the root cause of MGD!

Effectively treating MGD requires directly addressing the dysfunction in the meibomian glands. There are currently a number of treatments that attempt to stimulate the meibomian glands to produce more moisturizing and protective lipids, but what LipiFlow does differently is simultaneously massage and warm the meibomian glands in a safe, comfortable, and targeted manner. LipiFlow is currently the only treatment that heats the meibomian glands directly from the undersurface of the upper and lower lids, using vectored pulsation to simultaneously pump and express the blocked oil glands. This treatment is designed to restore the natural oil flow to the tear film that covers the eye’s surface, bringing patients significant relief and comfort.

LipiFlow is the only electronic device to be FDA-approved for treating MGD. The procedure is backed up by significant research and clinical trials demonstrating that it is both safe and effective at treating chronic dry eyes and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).